How to interpret dreams


For every symbol in your dream there can be many interpretations. You must choose what you think fit best with your life situation and your gut feeling. This is no exact science, but to interpret the dream correctly you must look at all the symbols you notice the most, as well as possible colors. You must then compare this to your general impression of the dream.

When you interpret a dream you do not need to analyze anything else than what you noticed the most. If you for instance dream about a certain person, you only need analyze what you especially noticed about this person. Where something happened does not need to be important. You feel what is essential or unessential.

The advantage of you interpreting your dreams is that only you know what feelings you had, the way you think and what is important to you. When you know this it easier to interpret the dream correctly.

Remember that you will not become an expert of dream interpretation the first time.

There might also be no need for a dream to be interpreted because you can have dreams that foretell the future.

If you dream about something you do not find here, you must think about what it mean to you, and interpret the dream from this. A donkey may for you mean stubbornness.  


Example number one: Imagine that you walk along an orange swimming pool together with someone you know. You suddenly get blown into the pool by a storm caused by a fan. You swim back, and get helped up by the person you were walking together with.

This dream can be analyzed this way:

  • Storm symbolizes problems or too little self-confidence.
  • Swimming in a swimming pool mean problems in your love life.
  • A fan mean you must calm down
  • Orange mean among other things talking. The reason I chose this word is because talking fits best into the coherence.
  • You get help

As a whole can this mean the following: You might get problems in your love life, maybe because of too little self-confidence. You can calm down; you will get help from the one you walked together with if you talk with this person.

As I have said before, it depends on how you felt, so if you felt the situation was different it can mean the following. If you do not calm down you can get problems in you love life. You will get help from the one you walked together with, if you talk with this person.


Example number two: You dreamt that you looked at an aquarium, the water was dirty, and the fish was dying. You started pumping in clean water and save the fish. You did not know what kind of fish it was.

This dream can be analyzed this way:

  • Dead fish mean a disappointment, living fish in dirty water mean disappointments and living fish in clear water mean luck.
  • Dirty water mean bad things, and clear water mean good things.

This dream can mean that you might manage to turn a disappointment into something that will be good for you.

Example number three: You were climbing up a steep hill covered in green, soft moss. Suddenly was clear water flowing against you. You grabbed the moss to avoid slipping, tore off a part of it, and found a pair of gold tweezers.

This dream can be analyzed this way:

  • Climbing either mean more status or progress in your life.
  • To move up is a good sign.
  • A hill generally symbolizes an obstacle.
  • Soft moss means luck in love.
  • Clear water is a good sign.
  • A pair of tweezers symbolizes a new friend.
  • Gold mean progress in life.
  • Green probably means joy. The reason I chose this word is because it fitted best with the rest of the interpretation of the dream

This dream can be interpreted this way: You will get a new friend that will make you get over obstacles. After you get this new friend you will experience a lot of joy, and get luck in love. 

The interpretations of these dreams are just a suggestion, and if you disagree with my interpretation is this good. Interpretation of dreams is individual from person to person.

Remember that it is your inner being that decide the dreams, and you must therefore interpret them according to your own feelings.